Best Iconic Sneakers Under a $100

January 28, 2024

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (Around $50 - $70)

A symbol of American culture since the early 20th century, Chuck Taylors gained fame as a basketball shoe and later became a staple in various youth subcultures.

2. Vans Old Skool (Around $60 - $80)

A skateboarding icon since the 1970s, known for its durable design and the signature side stripe, representing the skate and surf cultures of Southern California.

3. Adidas Stan Smith (Around $75 - $100)

Iconic for their minimalistic design and named after the tennis legend Stan Smith, these shoes have transcended their athletic origins to become a fashion staple.

4. Nike Air Force 1 (Around $90 - $120)

Revered in street and hip-hop cultures since its debut in 1982, the Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to use Nike Air technology, making it a revolutionary and stylish choice.

5. Puma Suede (Around $60 - $80)

Gained iconic status through its association with the 1968 Olympics and later became a staple in hip-hop and breakdancing scenes for its sleek, urban look and comfort.

6. New Balance 574 (Around $80 - $100)

Launched in the 1980s, this shoe became an emblem of comfort and retro style, celebrated for its versatility and classic running shoe design.

7. Reebok Classic Leather (Around $70 - $90)

Introduced in the 1980s, it quickly became a symbol of casual street style, known for its timeless design and comfort.

8. Nike Cortez (Around $70 - $90)

Became an icon through its innovative design as a running shoe in the 1972 Olympics and later as a symbol of West Coast cool in street fashion.

9. Adidas Gazelle (Around $80 - $100)

First introduced in the 1960s and popularized in the 1990s, the Gazelle is celebrated for its simple and clean design, becoming a favorite in the worlds of sports, music, and fashion.

10. Saucony Jazz Original (Around $60 - $80)

Debuted in 1981, this shoe is known for its performance as a running shoe and its classic, understated style that has made it a favorite among sneaker aficionados.

11. Nike Blazer (Around $80 - $110)

Originally launched in 1972 as a basketball shoe, the Blazer became iconic for its simple, high-top silhouette and versatility, making it a timeless choice in both sports and street style.

12. Asics Tiger Gel-Lyte (Around $80 - $120)

Introduced in the late 1980s, the Gel-Lyte is renowned for its groundbreaking GEL cushioning technology and has been celebrated for its innovative design and comfort.

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